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Corki's Tobaggon Day!

This was an artwork I made for the Riot games AKA League of Legends team, I wanted Ice Tobaggon Corki Skin, but its so haaaard to get and you cant pay for it.

This was a big project for me, it started with me just wanting to ask them for it and see what happens, but then I saw if you send them fan art, they will give you free stuff!

Even though they have an option for Other Currancy/content, they still only wanted me to ask for RP.

So I proposed that they could give me 47 RP for a Corki icon OR they could give me the skin if feeling a bit jolly. As I uploaded this I am awaiting their choice.

Anyway, about the piece, ambitious for sure. Must have spent more time on this thing here then anything else. You can tell compared to my other artworks before how much more went into this one, so just look for yourself! I had a lot of fun with everything

Lastly if any Riot support member happens to find this site and thinks I stole this in my ticket, yes I am Chubster Love #0001 (The site gives that away a little LOL jk)

Please consider.

To view or download this image in full, just click on it!